The Most Frequently Ask Questions

Below are the answers to the most common frequently asked questions we hear when it comes to Wedding or Event Coordination.

What does a Day of Coordinator do?

Your coordinator will be the person to help direct the flow of your wedding. We are “More than just a Wedding Coordinator” because we focus on what is important to you! A coordinator will help guide you and your family and friends through whatever happens during the wedding to make sure you and your family have a stress-free wedding! We go beyond just those services and actually help set up and box up your personal items for the day. No matter what – We work directly with you and your family, and vendors to ensure the timeline and plan of events runs smoothly.

When would we finalize the timeline?

We like to finish up 3 to 6 weeks from the day of your wedding. Remember we are contacting venue, vendors, and reviewing contracts so it is very important to make sure all the pieces are put together. Our planning process begins right when you save your date and then 3 months prior to your wedding date we start to get into finalizing the details of your day so that 30 days before your wedding you feel excited and relaxed about the final details.

When would the coordinator or team arrive to help set up?

This will be different for each wedding or event – for Day of Coordination we will typically show up anywhere from 3 to 5 hours before your start time. Depending on your wedding package we could be arriving up to 7 hours before a wedding.

We do not limit you to a certain amount of time you have access to your coordinator. Your Coordinator will know how much time is needed to ensure all things are set up properly and vendors are managed.

Is a coordinator a wedding planner?

The Day of Coordinator cannot replace a full-service wedding planner –However, We do have packages available if you are wanting a full - Service planner.   We also realize that costs can become a factor and that more and more of our clients want to plan the wedding themselves.   Being able to choose a coordination package is the option for couples that want to plan most if not all of their wedding but need a little advice along the way. Our coordinators can help answer questions based on our experience of helping weddings run smooth! We work directly with your vendors to ensure YOUR vision is implemented.

How necessary is a wedding coordinator?

 Having a Day of Coordinator is meant for you, your family, your friends, and your bridal party to not have to worry about all the details and be able to enjoy your wedding with you.  Some couples that have chosen not to have at least a Day of Coordinator when asked now say they wish they had budgeted for one.   There are a lot of moving parts and many vendors on the special day and you along with the wedding pros really appreciate having a wedding coordinator to work with.

What does it mean to be the point of contact?

Your coordinator Is the point of contact and will be reachable to your photographer, videographer, venue, catering, florist, cake vendor, entertainment, etc. They facilitate questions and timeline assistance while creating your timeline for your wedding. We pass along payments or tips to these vendors the day of and answer any and all questions. Our coordinators are available to keep things on schedule based on our planned calls and discussions of what you desire.

What is the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator?

The main difference is this: A venue coordinator works for the needs of the venue, acting out the requirements of your contract in a smooth and timely manner. A wedding coordinator works for you, ensuring every detail of your day is flawless and orchestrated exactly as you’ve planned.  It very important to ask the venue if they do provide a coordinator what all will that coordinator be doing for you.  In most cases, they are just there to assist you down the aisle, but not available during your reception.   Being available during your reception is very important.  You need a point person to coordinate with catering, photographer, and of course your DJ.

What is the difference between Day of Coordination & Day of Services?

The Day of Coordinator will run the timeline of events on your wedding day. The Day of Services will help with actual set-up of the personal items provided so your family and friends don’t have to work on your wedding day. Most couples do not realize how much is involved.  We pretty much do it all for you, from to start to end.  Even boxing up all your personal decor and items at the end of the reception. 

Do I tip my Wedding Pro Vendors?


Let's face it your coordinator has been there for you from the start and has put in way more hours than just the actual day of your wedding.  She may have even been your therapist at times.  The average wedding coordinator tip is 10%-25%. If you feel you have received extraordinary service and really love your coordinator please reward your senior coordinator directly to share with the team. It’s also great to gift an item to your coordinator. Like a bottle of wine or gift basket. Something that just thanks them for all that they do for you on your big day. (Crystal loves her red wine) :)


DJ - Live Entertainment

Your DJ is usually tipped for a job well done. DJ tips range from 20%-30% depending on happy you are with the service.


YES! YES! YES!   Above all please tip your catering staff if gratuity is not already included.  If you go out to dinner you are not going to stiff your waitress, the same applies to your catering staff members.  So look over your contract closely.  Appropriate tip amount would be 20% on your food costs.


This is optional and at your discretion.  Some will donate to their church others will tip anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00

Photographers & Videographers:

This is optional as well since most require you to provide a full-service meal.  However, if they have made you feel beautiful and safe while they are capturing the most important memories of your life then it's nice to reward them.  Anywhere from 15% to 20% is appropriate.

Other Delivery Services: (cake-floral-etc)

I would say not to this one,  You are already paying for a delivery fee plus their services,


Yes if it's not included at the time of booking.  You would tip your cab or Uber driver wouldn't you?

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